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Your experience at 5 Elementos is nourishing and personal.  Share that experience with others through our group retreat experiences.  5 Elementos is the ideal venue for your signature retreat programs, private company retreats, meetings or events.

Our conscious based integrative medicine and Ayurvedic workshops, classes and consultations are designed to create a deeper, more joyful connection to your practice, and to your group.  Our program is designed to complement many unique celebrations or events such as friends gatherings, yoga teacher-led outings, retreats, family reunions, bridal and baby showers, sober vacations and any other reason you may have to gather and consciously connect.

For larger groups, you’ll work with our retreat specialist to create a customized experience over your group’s entire stay.  You can choose from a rich selection of themes and topics such as


  • Yoga and meditation
  • Ayurveda and healthy living
  • Mindful team-building
  • Tools for stress management
  • Mind-body nutrition
  • Fitness and outdoor activities.


We offer varying levels of customization to suit your groups’ objectives and endless possibilities for an event you will all be talking about—and feeling the benefits of—long after you leave.

In addition to all 5 Elementos has to offer with its optional workshops, delicious whole-foods menu, evening events, captivating location, comfortable accommodations and our dedicated and caring staff, Group Benefits can include the following options.

  • Accommodation discounts
  • Private classes with a certified teacher
  • Private gathering spaces
  • Discounts on Healing Arts
  • Personalized whole foods menu
  • Personal attention—making it easy to plan for your retreat so you can focus on your unique and refreshing getaway

Note Groups must include 10 or more guests. 





5 Elementos group rates consist of two components:

  • (1) a one-time facility fee of $1,500 for all group sizes,
  • (2) a daily rate for food and lodging (see pricing chart below). The daily rate varies with the size and length of the group


Please call or email us with any questions you may have. 

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For an overview of available dates, see our Group Retreat Calendar (below).


Daily Rate Pricing Chart




Persons in 5 Elementos Suites 2nts 3nts 4nts 5nts 6nts 7+ nts
Small Group: 10-18 people $235 $165 $135 $115 $100 $90
Medium Group: 19-22 people $200 $140 $115 $95 $80 $75
Large Group: 23-26+ people $180 $125 $100 $85 $75 $70
Off-campus $55 $55 $55 $55 $55 $55


The total for a group of 25 persons for 6 nights is $12,750. This is $1,500 plus $11,250 (25 persons x 6 nights x $75).


To accommodate a seamless and easy booking process for retreat leaders, the non-refundable Facility Fee payment of $1500 is due at the time of booking to reserve your group retreat.  The remaining balance is due on arrival.

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We offer varying levels of meal customization to suit your groups specific needs.  Our group retreat rates include 3 full meals per day. Because of the wonderful abundance of international cuisine, our guests find that they enjoy exploring the local fare in addition to our Karma Kitchen Cuisine.  

Our meals are served buffet style and are all-natural & vegetarian in Ayurvedic healing meal fashion.  This means meals are simple, healthy, and aid in detoxification.  

Meal Times

Tea & Fruit Breakfast 7:00–8:30 am
Brunch 11:30 am–1:30 pm
Dinner 5:30–7:00 pm; Friday and Saturday 5:00–7:30 pm

*For additional meals & snack times add $10 per person per meal.






Our local community offers a wide array of holistic doctors, yoga therapists, mind / body experts, counselors, shaman, meditation and yoga instructors, Ayurvedic vidyas for workshops, cooking classes, Mexican art, painting, mandala, spa & bodywork and so much more.  Our team is available to assist you to round out your retreats.  Simply let us know what services you would like to add, the sky is the limit when it comes to our local provider menu, so dream big.   

Typical class fees for a 1 to 1.5 hour class start at $50 USD per class or private 1:1 session.





TEUCHITLAN PYRAMIDS “The Place of the Old Gods” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $70 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

The discovery of circular structures named Guachimontonesin the West part of the country has caused great admiration and created a new scope and expectation towards the outlook and research of one of the first civilizations in the whole of Mesoamerica. Los Guachimontones represents the largest discovered site from a culture that once flourished in the Tequila Valley region between 300 BC-900 AD/CE. The Teuchitlan tradition is known for its distinct circular, step pyramid structures consisting of a round central altars (called “Guachimontón”) surrounded by a circular patio space, and a circular banquette on which sits four to sixteen rectangular or square platforms.

MAZAMITLA “The Mexican Switzerland” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $70 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

Mazamitla is nestled in the heart of the Sierra del Tigre, named aptly the Mexican Switzerland, where the natural beauty of its landscapes takes possession of the senses causing feelings of peace, harmony and reflection that invigorates the body and stimulates the spirit. Its atmosphere has a provincial touch that blends harmoniously the wooded landscape with the architecture of its old houses made of adobe brick, red tile and wood roofs, white facades with quarry tile details.

AROUND LAKE CHAPALA “Mexico’s Largest Lake” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $108 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

Lake Chapala and its surroundings is one of the most charming places in the world to spend a great retirement. A place where natural beauty, tranquility and beautiful weather all year around, these are just some of the attractions that you can enjoy here. This destination in the state of Jalisco is the largest water reservoir in Mexico. Here, a variety of cultures and nationalities come together, resulting in an exotic blend that coexists in a typically Mexican environment. On this tour you will dicover the picturesque towns on the shore of the largest lake in Mexico: Lake Chapala.

TEQUILA “The Spirit of Mexico” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $108 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

Known as the “nectar of the gods”, Tequila is the beverage most closely identified with Mexico, and has been a part of Mexican culture throughout its history. The birthplace of tequila is said to be the state of Jalisco, where most tequila is produced. The name of the drink itself comes from the small town of Tequila, located at the foot of a mountain, the Tequila volcano, in a region famous for the cultivation of blue agave, the plant from which tequila is made.

GUADALAJARA CITY “The Western Pearl of Mexico” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $53 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

Guadalajara City is the capital of the state of Jalisco. Well known for being the land of the Mariachi and the Tequila, it is the Mexican capital that best represents the culture that identifies Mexico in the world. The metropolitan area offers a wide variety of cuisines and art and crafts. Guadalajara balances a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere, without losing its colonial and traditional nature.

TLAQUEPAQUE “Where Earth Becomes Art” 

Trip Cost : Approximately $53 USD (includes first class transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fees)

Tlaquepaque has become a must for anyone visiting the lakeside and serves as a huge showcase to the artisanal production of Jalisco State. Tlaquepaque has been the birthplace of many popular artists and ceramists that have innovated the famous ancient techniques, whose fine work have resulted in new and beautiful objects. Although it is true that pottery is the most prominent craft of this region, is not the only one: wrought iron, blown glass, wool textiles and cotton fabrics both made in shuttle loom or backstrap loom and leather objects of unsurpassed quality, among which include embroidered belts with pita and traditional charros finery, all together they form an irresistible spectacle even for the most skeptical visitor.

From our fresh, organic meals to the beautiful grounds and experienced staff, we have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling stay.


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